Health Kiosks

From tablets to full self-health kiosks we have everything you need. We provide a range of health solutions created as a package or one off device depending on your individual requirements.

What's so special about this health kiosk?

Whether you need a patient check-in unit, a feedback point, or a full health screening kiosk, our new modular unit will do it all. It will plug and play with a variety of devices, including scales, oximeter, ECG, thermometer and blood pressure monitors.

This is a direct response to the NHS Five Year Forward View. Our self-screening kiosks reduce the clinician time and money spent on routine testing and enable patients to make health checks at a time convenient to them. Using SNOMED coding, results from the self-screening integrate straight into the patient record with the GP alerted if indicators are abnormal. The self-screening health kiosk unit will be a common sight in GPs, Dentists, Pharmacies and Care Homes.

Developed with GPs at Sandwell and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group, the health screening kiosk integrates health data with patient records, and can also provide information on health conditions. Find a cost-savings analysis here.


We have a library of Care Pathway Questionnaires which include Asthma, Diabetes, Contraception, NHS Health Check and New Patient Health Check. In a recent installation of the Self Health Kiosk we found that cost savings of £1680 were made in the first month. Read the full Cost Savings Case Study HERE.

We are also the preferred supplier of kiosks and related services to several large healthcare organisations.

What are the features?

  • Units are modular, and will record a range of health readings such as; Blood Pressure; Blood Oxygen; Height, Weight, Heart Rate & Rhythm

  • Hardware and Software is designed and built in the UK

  • Data links to Patient records

  • Off the shelf solution with the flexibility of a bespoke product

  • Designed specifically for the Healthcare Market

  • Bespoke Community Health Kiosks

  • Bespoke Employee Health Kiosks

  • Bespoke Care Home Kiosks