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Information Delivery

EK Interactive Innovations will work with you to create a kiosk that drives interaction and engagement in your organisation

Visitor Information Kiosks

The EK Interactive Innovations team are experts in information innovation and we proudly work with our clients to design and deliver industry leading kiosks whilst also ensuring our kiosks facilitate information efficiency, innovation and interaction. 


In our creative approach to kiosks, we use a combination of digital know how, technical insight and information architecture to ensure that whether you are looking for a virtual reception service, a way finder or a customer feedback point, our kiosks fulfil all of your expectations and more.

Whether you are looking for a kiosk that is wall mounted or floor standing, wrapped in a design of your choice or branded with your logos, the EK Interactive Innovations team will work with you to create a kiosk that drives interaction and engagement.

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Feedback Kiosks

We can deliver bespoke customer experiences with personalised software and information interaction and have helped design and deliver surveys and feedback forms that customers have found both intuitive and engaging.  Our interactive information can not only deliver personalised surveys to optimise the value and insight you are able to receive as a business but can also seamlessly connect the data received to any system of your choosing.

Bespoke Branding

Brand consistency is important, it leads to better brand recognition, and, more importantly, consumer trust. Therefore, at EK Interactive Innovations we like to offer our customers the opportunity to customise our products to match their own branding.


The kiosk stand can be vinyl wrapped with any colour you choose. We can apply your logo(s) to the front of the kiosk, or even add wording if you prefer.

We will also customise your software with your brand colours and logo(s).


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