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Winter pressures in the GP surgery – ways to reduce the strain

Once again it appears that unprecedented winter pressure on the NHS is the new norm. During the winter period GP practices are consistently subject to extra pressures associated with the flu and cold season in which conditions such as asthma can get worse, increasing the demand for services. Additionally, a 2022 RCGP GP Patient Survey found that:

  • 68% of GPs say they don’t have enough time to adequately assess and treat patients during appointments,

  • 64% of GPs say they don’t have enough time during appointments to build the patient relationships they need to deliver quality care,

  • 65% of GPs say that patient safety is being compromised due to appointments being too short,

  • 80% of GPs expect working in general practice to get worse over the next few years, compared to only 6% who expect it to get better.

While this paints a grim picture, there are steps you can take to reduce the strain.

Release clinicians from simple disease monitoring and time-consuming data input

The EK Health Kiosk has been designed to allow patients to enter and code valuable clinical data before the clinician is seen. Pathway questionnaires target information you care about, including blood pressure monitoring, family history of health problems, smoking, and ethnicity data, releasing valuable minutes of a GP appointment.

Take advantage of purpose-built pathways to transform QOF and IIF data collection, so your clinicians can spend more time delivering exceptional personalised care.

The pathway questionnaires on the EK Health Kiosk are designed to enhance QOF and IIF data collection and maximise practice income. Choose from our library of 20+ pathways or customise your own to focus on your practice targets. The EK Health Kiosk is fully integrated with EMIS and SystmOne. Direct recording of SNOMED codes reach the targets your clinicians care about, whilst safety and monitoring systems set against NICE thresholds, ensure clinicians can target the patients that most need your care.

Enable patients to take important checks at a time convenient to them

The EK Health Kiosk allows patients to complete QOF and IIF questionnaires and provide BP and BMI readings without the need to make an appointment or take up your most valuable resource .... TIME.

What’s included with the EK Health Kiosk?

· 21.5” Touchscreen Kiosk

· Medical Grade In-Arm BP monitor

· Medical Grade Auto Height and Scales

· Optional: Pulse Oximeter and Thermometer

· Installation

· Training and Support

20+ Customisable Pathways include:

· Blood Pressure

· Asthma Review with ACT scoring

· Oral Contraception Medication Review

· Alcohol FAST/AUDIT C

· NHS Health Checks

· And many more……!

To find out more…

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