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Is your immune system ready for winter?

A strong immune system will respond if the body is under attack by viruses. Even if it's challenging to prevent all winter viruses, there are a few simple strategies you can incorporate into your daily routine to strengthen your immune system. Since we've been isolated, we are all more susceptible to contract a cold or a winter illness. It's normal to worry that your immune system is low or weaker than usual during the colder months because colds and flu spread more quickly and our immune systems are exposed to many more infections than in previous winters. However, there are many things that can help our bodies fight off infection, so what are the telltale signs your immune system could use a boost?

Coughs and sneezes:

It's completely natural to get the occasional cold, especially in the winter. But if you're always sore, your body may be trying to alert you that it can't adequately fight against viruses. Multiple colds that last for a while in a short period of time may indicate that your immune system isn't functioning properly.

Repeat infections:

Recurring sinus, throat, and ear infections per year can be a red flag and indicate that your immune system isn't functioning properly. It's best to seek medical assistance because in some circumstances it might be caused by an underlying medical issue.


Stress over a long period of time can affect your immune system because it lowers the number of white blood cells that fight illness. You are more prone to become ill the lower your white blood cell count is.


We all get fatigued from our busy schedules, but if you feel exhausted all the time, your immune system could not be working properly. There are numerous causes for feeling continually exhausted, and assistance is available. Speak to a doctor who can help you determine the cause of your declining energy levels.

Tummy troubles:

Since the gut is crucial to the immune system, persistent changes in your digestive system, such as diarrhoea or constipation, may indicate that your immune system is having trouble. However, as with any overlapping symptoms, it is important to rule out other causes of gastrointestinal issues such IBS or Crohn's disease first.

If this leaves you thinking 'How can I boost my immune system?', then read on!

While there are numerous foods like blueberries, ginger, and turmeric that are said to be immune-boosting, there are no specific diets or foods that have been proved to strengthen the immune system. The ideal action is to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Here are our top five recommendations to get you going.

You are what you eat!

The best course of action is to maintain a nutritious diet that is balanced and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Lean meat, fish, cereals, legumes, and five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day are the typical suspects. If fresh meals aren't always available, keep a supply of frozen or canned fruit and vegetables without added sugar on hand. Because it is frozen so soon after being picked, this substitute is just as nutrient-dense as fresh.

Move more!

It's crucial to engage in regular physical activity to strengthen your immune system. So long as you feel fit enough, attempt to keep up a home exercise routine. Introduce a daily walk, run, or cycle, even for just 20 minutes, if you are not a gym member. It's a wonderful justification for getting some vitamin D and fresh air.

Sleep on it!

The body benefits much from sleep, yet it's normal to experience occasional poor sleep, especially while under stress or anxious. It is therefore even more important to prioritise your sleep and develop healthy sleep habits, such as abstaining from caffeine, limiting screen time before bed, and keeping work-related activities out of the bedroom.

Don’t Stress!

Even though it's not always simple, try to make time for relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, nature walks, music, and music therapy. whatever relaxes you the most Maintaining relationships with loved ones and friends can be quite beneficial for stress management.

Talk more!

You can still connect even if you can't always see someone in person. Whether it's a brief catch-up or a deeper conversation, picking up the phone to chat rather than messaging can drastically improve your general health.

These suggestions are a wonderful place to start if you want to boost your immune system. But in actuality, viral infections are very typical, especially at this time of year, and they typically do not indicate anything dangerous. The greatest method to help prevent winter viruses and stay healthy is to abide by this lifestyle guidance to boost your immune system. However, if you frequently become sick with viruses or have health issues like pneumonia or kidney infections, it may indicate that your immune system isn't working properly. So, always consult your GP first if you have or believe that you have a medical condition or a compromised immune system. They can walk you through any necessary testing or treatments.

Did you know?

The main body of our kiosk equipment can be cleaned down in the same way as other equipment in your surgery to meet your hygiene protocols. To disinfect the equipment (including the touchscreen) we recommend using anti-bacterial wipes or disinfectant with a dampened new, clean, non abrasive cloth (with a 70% alcohol content or similar). We recommend that patients use hand sanitiser before and after using the equipment and we can add a screen saver to the kiosk with this advice. Why not give us a call on 01223 812737 or email to find out more.

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