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How to find the time for QOF in 2023/24?

As we are all more than aware, prevention is better than cure and with that in mind, the QOF programme is a great tool for assisting GP practices in spotting health issues early. It is also an important source of income for GPs with points set at £213.43 for 2023/24. It appears from the contract update letter for 2023/24 that not a great deal has changed in terms of QOF for the coming year, certainly the pressure on GP surgeries continues unabated with continual squeezes on appointment time having a detrimental effect on the ability to deliver quality care.

What can the EK Health Kiosk do to help?

The EK Health Kiosk has been designed to allow patients to independently enter and code valuable clinical data. Pathway questionnaires target the QOF data capture you care about, including blood pressure monitoring, smoking, alcohol consumption and ethnicity data, releasing valuable minutes of a GP appointment. By alleviating the burden of routine monitoring, the EK Health Kiosk can free up appointment time for high-risk patients whilst attaining QOF goals.

Targeting QOF capture on the EK Health Kiosk

Our self-screening kiosks can help GPs to meet their QOF targets by allowing patients to take vital signs checks and answer health questions at a time convenient to them:

  • Blood pressure - Why not invite all patients to take their blood pressure on arrival at the surgery? Results are uploaded straight into the patient record with alerts sent if parameters are breached – no need for manual entry of slips of paper!

  • Asthma - Ask your Asthma clinic patients to complete asthma review questions on the kiosk at a time convenient to them. We can incorporate asthma control scoring into your pathway so that a clinician has no need to ask for this information during an appointment, it’s already in hand.

  • Smoking status - Smoking questions are included in all questionnaire pathways on the kiosk with results uploaded into the patient record. We can customise advisory messages to inform patients where to go for smoking cessation advice.

  • Meet your BMI targets by asking patients to use the integrated height and weight machine to record BMI directly into their record.

  • Ask us to create a Pre-Appointment questionnaire for you that collects the data that you want to target by including only specific questions that you want to focus on

20+ Customisable Pathways include:

  • Blood Pressure

  • Asthma Review

  • Oral Contraception Medication Review

  • Alcohol AUDIT/AUDIT C

  • NHS Health Checks

  • And many more……!

What’s included with the EK Health Kiosk?

  • 21.5” Touchscreen Kiosk

  • Medical Grade In-Arm BP monitor

  • Medical Grade Auto Height and Scales

  • Optional: Pulse Oximeter and Thermometer

  • Installation

  • Training and Support

To find out more...

Give us a call on 01223 812737

Contact us via the Live Chat on our website

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