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Workplace Health Kiosk

Build a culture of health and wellbeing in your workplace with our employee health kiosks

A proactive self-health approach to workplace wellbeing

The cost of staff sickness and absenteeism in the UK runs into billions each year and, with the advent of innovative technology to monitor health, employers are increasingly looking to support employee wellness in the workplace. Concern for employee health is not new; Cadburys had the foresight to look after employee welfare back in the late 1800s. Cadburys believed that by investing in better-fed, healthier, and happier employees, they would in turn, benefit from a more productive workforce. Adults spend a large percentage of their life at work, so good working conditions and a supportive working environment really matter for employee health and wellbeing.

How can we help?

Our self-screening kiosks can be utilised by employees to make their own regular health checks (including blood pressure, height and weight, and blood oxygen levels). Individuals can monitor their progress and set themselves goals and overall results can be presented in an anonymised format to management. This allows the company to monitor the health of their workforce, measuring health against absentee rates and finding out where to target their wellbeing strategy.

Our kiosks can also be used to support mental health initiatives, such as stress management or to disseminate healthy living information, presenting timely, personalised support to employees which, in turn creates staff loyalty and quality of work life. Workplace wellness initiatives can play an important part in the prevention of health problems and while the primary goal for employers is to increase productivity, this proactive self-health approach can also ultimately help to reduce the pressure on our NHS.

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Employee Health Research

Workplace wellbeing is growing in importance as employers recognise the gains to be made in productivity and reduction in sick leave. The British Safety Council estimate that improved wellbeing in the workplace can improve productivity by up to 25% and research by Deloitte Mental health and employers: the case for investment details further financial gains to be made by taking preventative measures. Government health advice on how to assess your workplace health needs can be found in the GOV.UK guide

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